Clean with mild soap & a brush.

To clean ground-in dirt, use a specific soap such as PRO EFLLONET & use a soft brush. Follow carefully the instructions behind the bottle & do a test prior to using this product.

To prevent dirt or stains damaging your grout, apply a sealer such as SEAL PRO 2 on the grout surface only & wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.

For best results, you can integrate the additive PROGROUT PLUS . It replaces the water in the grout mixture, which makes it resistant to daily dirt & stains.


The Tiles (Polishes & Matt)

Clean the tiles with mild soap & warm water using a suitable cleaning accessory such as a mop, cloth etc.

Avoid any acid & corrosive cleaning products. Also avoid using an abrasive cleaning accessory that could scratch the enamel surfaces.


Before visiting a retailer.

Here are some tips for you to save time & to help you choose your tiles.

1-Take measurements of the room , in either feet/inches or meters/centimeters.

2-Make a rough sketch or bring pictures with your measurements to make it easier for the counselor/designer.

3-In order to match your decor perfectly, bring along samples of the new or existing cabinets, countertops, etc.

4-Find design ideas by going through magazines or looking online. You can then bring & share these ideas with your counselor/designer.

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